Monday, June 13, 2011

The Cure For Noassatol

I have been diagnosed with Noassatol (NO ASS AT ALL) since I was born, I am glad to say I found a cure and I am NOT trying to sell it too you but better yet present it to you. If you are unhappy with the shape/size of your butt and hips this is the rite post for you,I have researched and researched this topic and found a cheap,effective, and satisfying route to a better butox and I can testify that I am 110% more satisfied with my butt than I have ever been! But before we get into it I want you to ask yourself this question that I thing every person should ask before making ANY changes to their body-Do I need to change the way I look or the way i see myself? Understand that I didnt need to do the system, I could've simply changed myself perception and been happy with the way I was,REMEBER: Perception is Reality, but I was just too overcome with low self esteem, (I know there are many women that fell the same way I do but are stuck and dont know what to do this post is for you, the entire blog is dedicated to you). So I figured the only way I could be happy with my body was to changed it so I did, and I did it the healthest way I saw how:

  1. Exersice: Your hips [Vastus Laterlis, Vastus Medialis] and booty [Gluteus Medius, Gluteus Maximus]  are muscles! In order for them to get bigger and firmer you MUST work them out there is no way around this part. By doing exersices that target the hips and booty you tear the muscles and as the repair they get bigger and bolder. At least workout 3-4 times a week,for aprox. 45min-1hour giving your muscles at minimum 1 day to repair inbetween sessions. The best workouts to do:
-Be sure to add wieght to these exercises TIP: The more reps you do the more toned, The more wieght the more mass. You want mass, but dont rush yourself at the most start at 5 pounds and gradually work your way up.
I found Buffie The Body's site really helpful for workouts she also did the same thing we are trying to do and her results were amazing
TIP: -Drink protein after your workout to help the muscles rebuild; personally I drink Odwalla brand protein monster 
-Eat a light snack full or vitamins like fruits( apples w/ peanut butter, grapes) or vegtables (broccoli, carrots w/ ranch) before and after your workout
-Start off with a little cardio like jumping rope,jogging

  2.Vitamins/Supplements: The supplements you need to take are called Phytoestrogens- they increase the female hormones in your body to promote weight to go to the more feminine parts of the body, the hips,booty, and breast. Below I have listed the ones I took and the few I read about. You need to take the amount that is healthy for your body,different supplements have different effects: Swansons has all of these supplements for dirt cheap

Maca- Responds to the needs of the body, thus increases the bodys ability to defend itself against both physical and mental weakening. To this date, maca has been eaten by Peruvians as a food, or as a medicine.
  • Helps women in menopause
  • Increase libido and stamina
  • Acts as antidepressant
  • Stimulates fertility
  • Regulates and normalizes menstrual cycles
 Common side effects are diarrhea, stomach upset, cramping or rapid heartbeat and increased fertility (in both men and women).I personally didnt experience any of these side effects but that dosent mean you wont.

Aguaje-Aguaje which is very rich in phytoestrogens, a natural hormone located in avery few products, so when the fruit is consumed by women's the phytoestrogens are recognize by their metabolism as if they were real women’s estrogen since this natural hormones has the property to imitate the Strogens helping women's to improve and develop a well shaped curvy body.(This can be hard to find but i found it here)
  • Relieve menopause symptoms due to estrogen deficiency.              
  •  Great source of A Vitamin (3 times more than carrots)
  • Improove nails thickness and quality
  • Softer Skin and strong Hair
Common side effects I could not find but personally I didnt experience any 

Dong Quai-In Chinese medicine, different parts of the dong quai root are believed to have different actions - the head of the root has anticoagulant activity, the main part of the root is a tonic, and the end of the root eliminates blood stagnation. it is considered the "female ginseng" because of its balancing effect on the female hormonal system. However, studies have not found dong quai to have hormone-like effects.

  • relieves PMS, painful menestrastion
  • regulates menstral bleeding
  • helps Menopause symptoms
  • blood tonic
  • Fibrocystic brest disease
Common side effects -should not be taken by pregnant or nursing women, children, or people with breast cancer,  bleeding, unusual bruising, diarrhea, or fever.photosensitivity, so people should limit sun exposure and wear sunblock.
Additional supplments:
Milk Thistle-This will help clean out your liver so that the above supplements can better absorb into the body,there for becoming more effective. (I STRONGLY recommend you take this a week before you start your journey)Milk thistle is a plant native to Europe. It has a long history of use as a folk remedy for liver and gallbladder disorders. The active constituent of milk thistle is thought to be silymarin, a flavonoid found in the seeds.Milk thistle may protect the liver against toxicity from acetaminophen (Tylenol), alcohol and other drugs. In Europe, milk thistle is reportedly administered to patients when they are given medications known to cause liver problems
Multi-Vitamin-A multi vitamin is good for your all over health and will also help in your body journey. One A Day Womens is a very good one that I recommend.
Personally I took Maca and Aguaje, one of each a day with a multi vitamin. You should do whats best for you and most of all what is HEALTHY for you, taking more of these a day dosen't mean that they will work faster. I've read in different blogs and forums that some women take as many as 6 a day (phytoestrogens) this is unsafe and not recommended . Dont rush results.
 3.Topical Creams/Oils-Apply a topical creams is the best way to absorb certain entities to the desired area, I have looked at the ingeridents of just about every butt cream (Glutimax, Booty Stacked,ect) and found that they all contain 3 main things. Phytoestrogens, Fatty Acids, Skin Enhacers all these combined into a cream will accelrate results. What I did was combined one skin enhancer, 3 phytoestrogens, and 2 Fatty acids in a cream and message it in after a shower or workout or before a shower or workout.Here is a list of items that you need to make a cream perfect for you:
  • use any of the one listed above in powder form or oil form
  • lavender oil
  • tea tree oil
  • Black Cohosh
  • Red Clover
Fatty Acids:
  • Fish oil
  • Krill oil
  • Emu oil
  • Flaxseed oil/powder
Skin Enhancers:
  • Coco Butter
  • Vitamin E oil/cream
  • Wild honey
 4.Diet- This part is simple, cut out some of the fatty fast foods, -EATING JUNK WILL NOT MAKE JUNK IN THE TRUNK- this will just make you unhealthy and flabby. Cut out some of the sweets, sugars, chips- a clean diet will help not only your booty but you as a whole, here a a few that are talored to  this plan:
Milk-try soy milk or low fat milk
Chicken-the breast is the beast part, try non breaded chicken, try baked or grilled chicken
Turkey-try subing turkey bacon for pork, try a turkey buger
Lean beef-try steak not ground beef
Egg Whites-try eating just egg whites instead of the entire egg
Fish-try Tuna,lobster,mullet not fried fish
Soy sauce
Tofu-is very good for those who dont eat meat

Brown Rice
Wild Rice
Wheat Bread
Dill Pickles
High Fiber food

These are the elements I added into my day-to-day life that increased my booty tremendously,and I fell so much better and confident beacuse of it. I hope you read this and take actions to change your body as I did mine.Stay tuned because I will post my results so far very soon.